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New website for the Deutsch-Französischer Bürgerfonds

29. September 2021 | Interaction Design, Studio News, User Experience, Visual & UI Design

Reading time: 2 minutes

We created the concept, the information architecture and the UI design for the relaunch.

The revised website of the Deutsch-Französischer Bürgerfonds (Franco-German Citizens’ Fund) presents itself with clear user guidance, content tailored to the needs of users and an optimized UI design.

The main goal of the relaunch was for visitors to find information quickly. For this purpose, optimized information architecture was designed by redesigning the menu and the topic entries on the start page and establishing clear calls to action for improved user guidance. In addition, we designed new page types and content elements to optimize the findability of content and usability of form elements modernized and improve.

An existing visual identity, including colours, typography, illustrations and image formats, formed the basis for the customized user interface design and new components. We also used nuanced gradations of the existing colour library and existing illustrations to create a clear visual hierarchy.

Head to the website of the Deutsch-Französischer Bürgerfonds

Our project for the Deutsch-Französischer Bürgerfonds can now be found in  our Case Studies.

No time to read? Tl; dr

No matter your team size or resources: user experience can always be improved. Solutions can be obvious. You can start by examining if you are speaking in the language of your visitors or that of the organisation. Speaking your visitors’ language eases their orientation and task completion capabilities. A visual design geared to people’s perception capacities can work wonders and improve user guidance. Establishing a Design System will provide a resource pool and is economical and sustainable from a business point of view because it can support teams to execute future adjustments cost-efficiently and easily.

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