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We are speaking at the Usability Congress 2013 in Frankfurt

12. October 2013 | Studio News

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We are excited to speak at the “Usability Kongress“ on October 10th and 11th in Frankfurt. Our talk will be in the “Trends & Innovations” track and will cover the topic of “NO UI” (No User Interface).

NO UI, also known as “invisible design“, refers to design approaches that minimize or even completely remove user interfaces. Instead, intuitively understandable gestures, sounds, and other non-visual elements are used to enable users’ interaction with the product.

In our talk, we will discuss the pros and cons of NO UI and show when and how it can be used effectively. We will also present examples of successful NO UI implementations and give tips on how to apply NO UI in your own work.

We look forward to sharing our thoughts on this exciting topic with you and hope that our talk will be useful for all those interested.

We’ll see you at the Usability Congress!

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