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For small and medium-sized Enterprises

The 4 in 4 Website Booster

Get more insights and actionable recommendations for an optimised website in just 4 weeks and 4 easy steps.

Is your online presence’s performance falling short of expectations? Has the easier communication with your customers, revenue increase, or better visibility on the internet you had hoped for not materialised? One possible reason might be that your company’s online offering does not meet your customers’ expectations and, therefore, remains unnoticed. We will help you examine your corporate website to find potential weaknesses and areas for improvement.

8 benefits of an expert UX Analysis of your company website

  1. Better Visibility: Your website will be more easily discoverable by (potential) customers and search engines due to relevant content.
  2. Higher Customer/User Satisfaction: Customers will be more satisfied with using your website as they can find relevant content faster and encounter fewer problems with navigation, outreach, or product purchases.
  3. Competitive Advantage: A positive user experience creates a favourable impression, remains memorable, and can thus differentiate you from the competition.
  4. Improved Credibility: Customers trust a website more when it is well-designed and functions smoothly.
  5. More Inquiries or Revenue: A straightforward and easy-to-use website increases the chances of visitors becoming customers.
  6. Long-term Customer Loyalty: A good experience leads to loyal customers who will recommend you to others in the medium to long term.
  7. Discovering Potentials: An analysis enables the discovery of new potentials which may not have been previously known within your company.
  8. Valuable Insights into Universal Principles that you can also use for further developments.

To learn more about the benefits of a good user experience or the disadvantages of a poor experience, we recommend our presentation at c’t 2019: The ROI of a Positive User Experience.

A UX Analysis makes sense if you can answer one or more of the following questions with yes:

  • Do your customers often complain that content on your site is not findable?
  • Are you struggling to organise your content sensibly or assign categories and menu items?
  • Would you like to improve something but don’t want to undertake the effort of a complete relaunch?
  • Is something wrong with your site, but you are unsure where the problem might lie?

Since we understand that you have allocated your time and budget elsewhere, this package includes a clear offer from us: in 4 steps and 4 weeks, leading to more insights and concrete, directly implementable recommendations.

UX Analysis Services

Week #1 is about Goals, Target Groups, and Kick-off Meeting (remote)

You are experts in your industry – we are UX experts. These two perspectives essentially provide the full UX power: We need professional input from you and may question some things and/or provide our expertise from our perspective.

Before we meet for our kickoff meeting, we’ll provide you with a questionnaire that you can fill out at your leisure before the meeting. This is to give us an initial impression of your challenges before our meeting. In the subsequent online meeting, we will discuss your goals more specifically, for example, what the site should and can do for your company, what you think visitors’ expectations and questions might be, and what they should ideally do from your perspective. This way, we get to know your target audience better and have identified the most important areas of your online offering on which we will focus our analysis.

Week #2 We analyse your site according to established criteria

Within one week, we review the most critical areas of your site and their content based on established standards – the so-called Usability Heuristics. We carefully examine the current state and document where optimisation potential lies while never losing sight of your goals. The results are summarised in a clear presentation.

Week #3 We develop ideas and suggestions for optimisations and potential

In the next week, we will develop our ideas and suggestions for improvement using texts, storyboards, and/or simple sketches (wireframes). These suggestions will help you achieve your defined goals and better fulfil the needs and desires of your visitors.

Week #4 Our closing meeting with a presentation of insights and optimisation suggestions (remote)

In our final meeting, we will present the insights gained and the suggestions for optimisation and clarify any questions from you and your team. Afterwards, you will receive the results. In addition to very specific improvement suggestions aimed at direct implementation, the presentation can also serve as a guide for future adjustments to your site, as it also communicates universal principles that you can refer to at any time in the future (e.g., for further developments).

Results and Costs for a UX Analysis

After just four weeks, you will have a clear and insightful guide that will help you increase traffic to your site and keep visitors on the site as they feel comfortable and well-informed. Ideally, this will increase inquiries and, thus, your company’s revenue. In addition, you will learn some principles that will help you address any future developments—optimised for your users.

One-time costs for a sustainable investment

The UX analysis incurs one-time costs for you, amounting to €2,500 (plus VAT).

The offer does not obligate you to continue working with us on the improvement suggestions. After the offer, you can tackle the site’s optimisation yourself or with the help of another service provider.


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