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Talk: UX-Maturity and what it means for your project

8. June 2022 | Studio News

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UX-Maturity is omnipresent in projects, whether it is addressed or not. Because UX-Maturity describes the understanding of companies for user-centred design & their capacity to work systematically user-centred and to deliver results.

UX-Maturity models are the hierarchical arrangement of this understanding and capacity. Company attributes hint at the maturity level and provide clues as to what we can achieve in terms of user-centric design. Because if we want to achieve too much too soon, there is a high probability that we will miss goals, overwhelm companies and ultimately deliver results that disappear into drawers instead of being applied.

Source: Quelle: Bored Panda

In this process, UX-Maturity models are to be understood as guidelines that help gain insights and generate ideas that, in turn, should inspire action that can be implemented.

When we know our maturity level, we can achieve better, more effective results. Because if we remain realistic in our projects, we define achievable goals. Our work as UX designers becomes more sustainable because achievable goals take companies further. In addition, achieved goals motivate companies to continue working on their UX-Maturity and increase user-centricity. Why is this important? Because good design is good for business!

Jennifer gave an insight into UX-Maturity during a 15-minute keynote speech at the regional Research plus Meetup in Mannheim. She explained the topic using various models and described its role in projects. For anyone who has never dealt with the topic of UX-Maturity, tips can be found at the end of the presentation. Have fun checking out the slides! (Link will open a Google Slide Presentation)

Research plus is an event series organized by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Online Forschung e.V. . The date in May took place in cooperation with Digital Media Women Rhein-Neckar.

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