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User Research

Understanding your customers pays off.

Sustainably improve your chances of success with user-centric product development.

User research helps you to understand your customers and their needs and to develop customized products and services.

Build the right thing.

We conduct research such as interviews or observations with people in your (target) user groups to learn more about how your current or potential customers think, feel and behave.

These methods help us define the requirements for your product so it can meet your customers’ needs and stand up to the competition. In addition, these methods discover new innovative approaches and ideas that set you apart from your competitors.

Build the thing right.

Evaluative research methods such as usability testing help us identify and solve critical Usability and UX problems, allowing you to adapt to new requirements or customer insights.

Existing system? No problem!

Let us optimize your inventory system with evaluation measures and concrete recommendations for action. Feel free to contact us!

Articles on User Research

A Petition for an Online Inclusivity Countdown

A few weeks ago, we attended an event hosted by Digital Media Women Rhein-Neckar and BPW Mannheim-Ludwigshafen, a Future Talk on the Digital Gender Gap with guest panelist Maren Heltsche (Co-founder of and special representative for the policy field...

Ethical aspects and principles in usability testing

As part of the psychology degree, students must complete a certain amount of what is called subject hours for admission to the thesis. This is about 30 hours in total and this has the function of learning about research also from the perspective of the participants...

User Research Case Studies

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User Research

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We are happy to discuss how we can support you in introducing, establishing or expanding user research methods within your company.


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Every interaction with your target group is an opportunity and a chance for satisfied and loyal, enthusiastic users and customers.

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