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UX Research: Don’t forget the stakeholders

June 7th, 2017 Posted by Analysis & Research, User Experience No Comment yet

When we are hired as a user experience design studio we are often asked to jump straight into production work like sketching and wireframing and to quickly hand over some solutions and deliverables.
We are not very comfortable with this approach and this is why:

Intercultural Aspects of Interface Design

December 29th, 2014 Posted by Analysis & Research, User Experience No Comment yet

or: Know who you’re targeting.

In one of our recent projects we were asked to do culture research for a client’s website.
Goal was to optimize the client’s landing pages in terms of  design (& content) as  the page was to be rolled out in different countries with very different cultural backgrounds e.g. USA, China and Russia.

What is culture?

According to social psychologist Geert Hofstede, the term ‚culture’ can be defined as “(..) a shared set of values that influence societal perceptions, attitudes, preferences, and responses”.

In short, culture takes an effect on our perception, cognition and behaviour. When working on websites, interfaces or campaigns this means we need to consider the following things:

Design means Strategy. Deal with it.

July 17th, 2014 Posted by Studio life & culture No Comment yet

Or: Why Designers have to think strategical.

The purpose of this blog post is simple: We want to write a little bit more about things that we have learned, our process and yes –  even about some mistakes we have made since we teamed up and founded our little design studio back in 2011 to share it with our fellow designers and our clients, because ‘design’ is often misunderstood and it often got this mysterious, ambiguous character – like ‘please make things look pretty’. (more…)

We love to write an speak about UX topics.

We have had many nation wide speaker appearances on many different topics. We have spoken at TEDx, UIG spring conference, Usability Congress, World Usability Day, webmondays and the up.front web design community in Berlin. We speak mostly about topics such as user experience and workflows. Have a date? Need speakers? Get in touch and let us know We might be interested in researching a topic