User research - understanding customers and users

Example of an affinity wall – a way to structure e.g interview findings and qualitative data

What do our customers or users want?
Why do they want it?
What are their goals?
What are the questions they might have?
What are their concerns and/or motivations?
Why would they want to actually use this product or service?

These are questions user research can help answer: so you can stop assuming and instead can start knowing why, when and how people buy or use your product. A good understanding of people’s  goals, motivations, needs, concerns and pain points is essential when we want to create products for them. It will help drive design and business strategy by offering the insights that will help constantly improve and create products people will actually want to use.

User research will help to discover new ways to address people’s goals, help generate new innovative concepts and increase your competitive advantage.

A sample of our research methods

Interviews (semi-structured), helping us to explore goals, attitudes, motivations, questions, concerns as well as fears and building design hypotheses based on these findings.

Card sortings: to understand how your users perceive your offering in terms of findability and information organization.

Formative usability evaluation/testing: to understand how your product is actually used and helps to uncover weaknesses and usability flaws but also strengths.

Observations and contextual inquiry (field study) to understand how your customers actually do things (eg at their workplaces), and discover opportunities to improve your current products.

System usability scale (SUS): a questionnaire which is used for measuring the perceived usability of your product.

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