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T.G.Q.C. – The Geekettez Quick Concept

Back in November we were invited to speak at World Usability Day in Mannheim, which we were very happy to do. We decided to present a concept, which we have worked on and use when new clients approach us with a project that is “not quite ready” when it comes to the brief.

This is a problem we face quite often and the number of participants of or WUD workshop showed we were not alone. The workshop was designed for 40 participants but came presentation time the room was packed with roughly 100 participants.

We presented the T.G.Q.C. (The Geekettez Quick Concept – for lack of a better name) in which we described how we approach this problem by providing a service that helps our clients understand the importance of an overal communication concept as well as user centered design. Educating our clients and making them a part of this short conceptual phase helps us move the project in a direction which makes sense for the user and helps the client to make important decisions and answer questions they might not be aware of.

We keep this phase short to keep the costs manageable, which helps a lot especially if the client has never thought about the importance of user experience, user strategies and user centered design. The outcome is a basic concept with features suggestions and a possible user strategy, which is comprehensible for the client because he was involved in all of the important decisions.

This helps us make better products and makes the client happier because he has a better understanding of his product. In addition the Quick Concept is a small straightforward service package that we can put a number on.

The concept is not final and we are constantly tweaking it to fit different requirements that come with different projects but we are happy to share the current status.
Use it & share it – we hope it also helps you make better products.

If you have ideas and feedback let us know. If you love it, share it some more.

Download T.G.Q.C. presentation (DE & EN) and WUD 2012 handouts – handouts only in deutsch (sorry)