Studio News

“Portfolio of the month” in PAGE magazine

Germany’s leading design magazine asked us to contribute to this month’s issue. We were offered to showcase our work in the portfolio of the month section and felt honored to do so.

We sent about eight examples of work showing the variety of what we do, not only  in regards to the different content we work on (advertising, B2B, consumer applications and web portals,…) or the formats we design for (desktop, mobile / tablet) but also showing that digital media is more than just pretty interactive pictures.

We showed site maps, lo-fi wireframes, grid layouts and the final visual design. Sadly it din’t all fit on the one page. But we managed to get our new awesomesauce studio picture in, which we created under a great deal of time pressure in the local public office. We were quite happy that the lucha libre and darth vader masks had not been used when we opened the curtains to find quite a long line in front of the booth. HA! Good times!

Our portfolio isn’t the only reason why you should pick up this month’s issue of PAGE. There is also a great article on web typography and a showcase of packaging design that features an alarming amount of products we have bought before (slaves to the pretty!). So THANK YOU to PAGE magazine…even though you got our website and e-mail contact wrong. You can check out the magazine’s website here (German):