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Idea: Ladies who lunch – Connecting working ladies during lunch breaks

16. Mai 2017 | Studio News

Lesedauer: 5 Minuten

You probably all have that one issue you keep complaining about. It may be either something you miss or something you want to change. So you have two choices: You try to do something about it or you keep complaining which is – honestly – misspent time.

We decided we had complained long enough and came up with a solution for our source of complaint: who is free for lunch?

Despite the fact that we both are sitting in shared office spaces with a bunch of other people surrounding us, we often ask ourselves: what should I do with my lunch break?
Often we meet with co-workers or people we already know for lunch but you know how it goes: sometimes your coworkers or friends do not have the time and so if you would like to go somewhere on that day, you either go alone or you spend your lunch break quickly eating a sandwich in front of your desk with your eyes glued to your smartphone and the internet (SAD!).

We are convinced there is a better way to spend your lunch break, especially because no one wants a tuna overlord ruling our lives in the near future.

In addition to spending happier lunches away from the desk, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could meet new people during lunch hours? New, interesting people, who you might even end up doing business with? Yeah, we thought so, too. So voilà!

We happily introduce: Ladies who lunch

The idea is simple: we want to create an opportunity to connect women by going out to lunch together, building or maintaining their professional network or making new friends!

When we came up with the idea we considered creating a Ladies who Lunch app to get things rolling. But then, after discussing the idea – on a lunch date with a befriended project manager – we decided to take her suggestion and get Ladies who Lunch started with existing tools and services that everyone is already using. This is why, only a few weeks after we first had the idea we already have two Facebook groups (see what we can achieve on lunch dates with awesome people?!), reflecting our two studio locations: one group for Berlin and one group for Mannheim. Join us! We believe this will be an awesome way to spend your future lunch breaks.

But we won’t stop here!

Before our decision was made to start with Facebook groups we had also discussed the possibility of using slack. But slack is rarely used in Germany from people outside of the tech bubble. We are currently also discussing opening groups in Xing and/or LinkedIn. But that is something we would like to discuss with you – on our lunch dates. So join us and help us shape this. UPDATE (18.05.2017): we heard you and have expanded the Ladies who Lunch groups to Linked In!

Also, we haven’t given up on our initial app idea because we would love an independent platform. We already have a clear concept in mind so if you want to join or support us: let’s discuss it over lunch! Head over to one of our groups so we can set up a lunch date: Ladies who Lunch – Berlin, Ladies who Lunch – Mannheim

Who is it for?

Every woman is welcome.
If you are looking to make new connections or to find like-minded women to connect with – whether you are new in town, a long-time resident or just visiting for a business trip or conference: Ladies who Lunch is the perfect way to spend your lunch break.

Why we chose the name

According to Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary “Ladies who lunch” are “Rich middle-aged women with no jobs or another meaningful way to occupy their time, who descend on upscale cafes around lunchtime to hang out with each other more because they have nothing better to do than because they like the company. Generally despised by cafe workers.” (Source: Urban Dictionary)

Well, we thought it was time to change the meaning of this term and use it to describe a network of working ladies exchanging information and experiences.

We are looking forward to meeting many many new ladies from different professions in our cities! Head over to Facebook and apply to join our local groups in Berlin and Mannheim.

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UPDATE May 19, 2017:
Wow, thank you all for so much positive feedback! We have now an „official“ Facebook page you can follow:
Also in Berlin we had already our Ladies who Lunch premiere!

And because we were asked about it by now several times about that: If you want to start a Ladies who lunch in your city, this small FAQ may help you to get started: LadieswhoLunch-FAQ YAY!

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