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Ladies that UX is coming to Berlin. Join us on Nov 29!

To all the Berlin women in the field of user experience – there’s another meetup in town!
Together with a few other ladies I co-founded the Berlin chapter of Ladies that UX, which is an international organization connecting women in the user experience field.

What is Ladies that UX?

Ladies that UX is a global community which started in 2013 in Manchester and now has more than 50 groups worldwide. It is a monthly meet up that creates an informal, welcoming, transparent community of women that work in UX, who positively promote and teach each other.

Ladies that UX from Third Lens Films on Vimeo.

Why we need it

So, as we all know, the tech industry is very male-dominated. The UX departments are definitely no exception. The initial motivation to start a Ladies that UX chapter in Berlin is to support women who are working in the fields of User Experience – no matter which age or which level.
Sure there are a many communities here in Berlin – also a lot of UX related ones and women focused communities like the Geekettes – which are more broader in their topics and eventually more business orientated – or communities for women which are focused on programming like Rails Girls or „HackerInnen“. But we wondered: Where are all the UX women actually?

Working in User Experience is often about consulting, leading and bringing change in well established (often male-dominated) structures. Sometimes it feels like you’ve been throwing in a shark tank. To survive you need a good confidence in your professional skills, in your appearance, your presentation skills, etc.. in short: in yourself.

Sadly, women are often raised and socialized that they feel not that confident as their male colleagues – but on the other hand, there are many women who have developed great confidence skills.So, there may be women with strong confidence and some with less of these skills in our industry.

Our goal is to make real use of the diversity of a) our skill levels, our b) experience levels and c) confidence levels to support, teach and mentor each other.

Let’s do this together

So this is not about whining, ranting or complaining at all – we want to build a community in Berlin which is there to help and support each other, have someone to talk to and strengthen skills in a relaxed atmosphere where nobody must have inhibitions to ask so called „stupid“ questions (which simply doesn’t exist) – you get the idea.
It’s simply about to create a community for women in the UX field to come together, chat, discuss, network, and form future working relationships and, of course, friendships.

Because we all know (and personally I like the basic outcome of this quote)

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other”
Madeleine Albright, who is the first woman to have become the United States Secretary of State

Talk soon!

Join the Ladies that UX Berlin Launch Party

We’re looking forward to meeting you at our launch event which is hosted by on Nov 29.,2016 🙂
See our program and RSVP here. :
(Hint: there’s pizza for those who arrive early)

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Event Graphics credit: Zivile Markevičiūtė, co-founder of Ladies that UX Berlin chapter