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From global to local: How our visual perception develops over time

September 6th, 2018 Posted by User Experience No Comment yet

There is evidence that our visual processing develops over time though it seems instantaneous to us. This general (or: global) to detailed (or: local) processing is also supported by neuroscience and is of enormous importance as it explains how we identify objects in our daily environment

How our expectations determine how we process information

Mai 8th, 2018 Posted by Analysis & Research, User Experience No Comment yet

How do we process information? In cognitive psychology there are two famous processes involved on how we interpret information – and as humans, we constantly use both: Top- down processing and bottom-up processing. (mehr …)

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We have had many nation wide speaker appearances on many different topics. We have spoken at TEDx, UIG spring conference, Usability Congress, World Usability Day, webmondays and the up.front web design community in Berlin. We speak mostly about topics such as user experience and workflows. Have a date? Need speakers? Get in touch and let us know We might be interested in researching a topic