Our general process

People may experience your product or service in very different ways. Your tone of voice, how you talk, what you talk about and last but not least how your digital products looks and behaves – every interaction with one of these elements will form a long lasting impression which will shape the experience people have with your brand.

As experience designers, we help your organization understand how to shape the interactions between you and your audience so that their experience will be a good one. We call this a human-centered approach, which will drive your business forward.

Because we are convinced: a good experience is good for business.
We offer several service and methods to tackle this subject, you can find some of them below:

Our 4 step human centered design process

In this step we lay the foundation every successful digital product or service needs: a shared vision and clear understanding of the project. A first analysis will not only help us understand your product better but will also help you identify current pain points but also possibilities. We will help you get to know your customers better and understand their behaviour and motivation. This will support you in refining your business strategy and creating achievable, ambitious goals through a precise action plan.

Our expertise includes
– Current State Analysis
User Research
– Business Research & Analysis
– Design Strategy
– Strategy Workshops

Digital products that your customers can use with ease and are memorable require a strong fundament. We will help you create this fundament through strong user experience and interaction design. We take our concepts a step further by identifying test cases during this process: pointing possible optimizations to come before questions arise, as not all scenarios can be based on available data and research.

Our expertise includes
– User Experience Design
– Interaction Design
– System Design

Our design solutions are smart & scalable. We believe good design embodies a clear message, is in line or an enhancement of your corporate design and not only is a key player to achieve project goals but also respects your customers’ needs. But our designs are even more than that. They are developer friendly! We know the possibilities and limits when designing for digital media and are enthusiasts of pain free handovers.

Our expertise includes
– Creative Direction for user centered design
– Art Direction for digital media
– Visual Design

We care for our work. We want it to look just as stunning and work as flawlessly in a year’s time as it did during the creation process. This is why we offer a quality assurance process in which we test and evaluate the finished product to ensure that it launches as intended.

We like working sustainable! In order for the product to grow in a manner that keeps it in line with the initial design we support you by creating libraries and style guides so your product can grow with your business.

Our expertise includes
– Documentation: design pattern libraries & style guides
– Quality assurance for design & user experience
– Design Evaluation

If you have questions concerning our methods and services don’t hesitate to contact us.