Our general process

1. Discovery, analysis & research
2. Planning & concept design
3. Art direction & visual design
4. Post project support

Check out our detailed list of services and methods:

You do not require the full package?

We are also happy to help with either your concept, an expert review of your current product or your visual design.

Your product has been around for quite some time and now needs to be optimized, updated or even relaunched.

The problem is: no one know what content is currently online because the product has grown so much. Our solution to this problem is to identify current content types and define how to deal with them during our process.

Your product is not performing the way it should be and you have no idea why this is the case?

We can help by reviewing your existing product and come up with a prioritized list of (usability) improvements that can be done.

An expert review is best used if you are looking to optimize a running system in terms of usability. Please note  that usability issues can be a result of poor visual design as well.

Products are often designed for “elastic” users, who are everyone and nobody at the same time.  Don’t do it that way.

Get to know your site visitors and customers. We will identify your primary personas so this will no longer happen and your product can be tailored to the needs of your actual users.

Not quite sure how to get the conversion goals you have planned? We can help identify these goals and take your personas on a journey that will get them there.

This method will let you read about these journeys in something similar to a screenplay or a storyboard and will define what is required to get a person from A to B.

Interviews are about exploring – not testing  assumptions or hypotheses. They are the perfect method to find out who your users are, what they want and which mental concepts or models they have and share.

Interviews are one of the most used qualitative research methods and they help form hypotheses of the motivations and goals of your users, which can then be tested via quantitative methods.

Read an article about  interviews in our blog (it’s German)

No matter if you are relaunching an existing site or if you are creating a new product both projects need a strong foundation on which to build on.

Similar to an architect, we start planning new projects by creating an information architecture, which will help us organize the general structure and  layout of the new product. It is a basic design of how a user moves through a complex information system with a strong focus on findability. Think of it as first rough sketches of your new building plan.

With a strong foundation we can begin to design the blueprints of your new product.

Like houses digital products require careful planning to define what will go where and this will be done in wireframes. Keeping your company’s goals and the users’ goals in mind we will create a skeletal version of your new product with optimized human-machine interaction capacity. The final product will be a visual guide of all content and functionality.

Software we work with: Sketch, Axure, Balsamiq Mockups, OmniGraffle

A great user experience is always a memorable one. In best case the experience is fluid, intuitive and will demonstrate your company’s tone of voice. This can be achieved by paying special attention to motion design. Hi-res wireframes created with Sketch or Axure will not only give you an idea of what your final product may look like but will demonstrate what it feels like to use it.

You have a talented team of designers that just need to be steared into the right direction? We can help with that. We have years of experience in digital media and advertisement and can help to get your new team off to a good start.

We can extend your company’s corporate design and define the rules and guidelines for digital media. 

If you do not have a corporate design the process is the same: we create the overall look and feel of your digital product.  This includes typically a definition of color palette, typography and hierarchy of information and all visual elements.

When the art direction is finalized we create the visual look for all new user interface elements that will become part of your product. This design process will also include all behavioural states of each element.

During the interaction design process we create user patterns that fit the products tone and are suitable for the audience. These patterns can be re-used throughout the product. We identify these patterns and define rules on how and where they can be applied in the future.

A digital product is never done: a library will help your product grow with continuity.

The look of your product will be defined during the art direction and UI design phase. After our work is done you will surely require further pages or even new site components. This is a natural development of a digital product. Our design library will help you stay on track when doing so.

Find out more about this subject in our blog. We held a talk on how to eliminate software based barriers with Sketch App

Our work is seemingly done as soon as the product goes into production. Our experience has taught us though, that projects nearly always receive tweaks and adaptations during the development process.

To ensure that the product is still on track we audit the developed product and work on the final touches in a team with the developers because there is more than one way to skin a cat.

We have had many nation wide speaker appearances on many different topics. We have spoken at TEDx, UIG spring conference, Usability Congress, World Usability Day, webmondays and the up.front web design community in Berlin. We speak mostly about topics such as user experience and workflows.

Have a date? Need speakers? Contact us! We might be interested in researching a topic.

We have completed further methods and services for clients such as (online) card sorting or contextual inquiries. If a method is not listed here that you need help with, don’t hesitate to contact us.