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Designing new online shop: Oklahoma


Oklahoma Ltd


Vision paper
Mobile navigation concept & information architecture
Art direction
UI design
GUI library


VIEW PROJECT ONLINE: https://okla.co.uk/


The Oklahoma shop is Manchester’s favourite gift and homeware store and as they declare on their website: Home Of Fun. A fact that we could clearly see when we were first approached with the project by OKLA’s technical partner GROK7.
We started our with a vision paper for the site, which included first concepts for usability and feature suggestions and was a rough concept on how we would turn okla.co.uk into a digital Home Of Fun. We proceeded with the information architecture of the shop and then began with the art direction, while GROK7 were responsible for the large part of the information architecture.


1/5 Homepage and product detail page


Our visual concept was to keep the site UI in the background so the products had enough room to shine. We included a colour coded navigation with a seasonal menu item that did not only have a separate color but also a short animation during hove state. We added little playful elements like this throughout our design (maybe you will be lucky enough to see the site loading slow). We found that these IA and UI details underlined OKLA’s cheerful brand and were often rewarded with smiles and giggles during presentations, which told us we were on the right track.


2/5 Mini cart, mini wishlist and profile navigation.


3/5 The GUI Library


4/5 Little big details: A custom, playful loader/spinner and a first draft for the price section slider


5/5 The homepage & product detail page



Finding the balance between functional and fun.


Working on the Home Of Fun was just that: VERY FUN. We were given room to experiment and the client was open minded enough to go with some wacky ideas. The project was a playground that we loved spending time on.