The Geekettez is a design studio & user experience consultancy based in Mannheim and Berlin.

Our team is slick & slim

The Geekettez is a design studio that was founded in 2011 by Jennifer Moss and Stefanie Kegel because we discovered a common believe: digital products can only be made better if the experience for the humans using the product is enhanced. We also believe that a tight-knit team can achieve this goal better than a single designer.

We specialize in UX consulting and design, art direction for digital media and GUI design for web based projects and applications.

We both have worked for a number of clients from various fields and have helped create successful products such as online shops, integrated digital campaigns, localized corporate websites or mobile consumer apps. We help our clients get their message across by understanding their business and making it accessible to their target groups – no matter how complex.

Because we have teamed up with a number of talents, who complement our services we can implement large scale digital projects and host workshops while keeping our boutique studio charm: agile, lean & personal.


Jennifer runs our Mannheim studio

68159 Mannheim, GER

missmoss at thegeekettez dot com
0049 177 7138208

Jennifer Moss is an art director for digital media & a user experience designer, who went from school to freelance within her first year of working. She founded her business Miss Moss Design in 2006 and has since been working with clients from all over the world.

“Growing up my dream jobs were „Simpsons couch gag designer“ and later „movie title sequence designer“: creating short, entertaining summaries of a larger story. And even though I studied film I ended up in the digital world. Today I concentrate on user centered design, helping clients get their stories across in digital media while providing a story that is not only comprehensible but also pleasurable for „the user“.”

She has spoken about workflow, the liberal power of the internet and various UX subjects at events such as TED Ignite, World Usability Day and Webmondays and has been featured in Page Magazine and weave (R.I.P).

If she is not reading comics or watching Sci-Fi movies she can be found on the roller derby track with her team the Rhein-Neckar Delta Quads. A league she helped found in 2014.

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Stefanie runs our Berlin studio

Graefestr. 71, HH Aufgang 2
10967 Berlin, GER

guerillagirl at thegeekettez dot com
0049 171 1245073

Stefanie is specialized in UX strategy and interactive design, helping her clients in creating user interfaces for applications and websites that are easy and fun to use, with an eye for both: business goals and customer needs.
She started working as a webdesigner and online art director for agencies after graduating in interactive media design from University of applied sciences Darmstadt and Cork Insitute of Technology in 2007 before going full time freelance.
Stefanie comes with a solid experience in frontend technology and got in the UX Direction as digital task based products began to emerge more and more. Because of her deep interest in human behaviour, motivation and social interaction she started a part time course to study psychology on top at the University in Hagen to dive deeper in human computer interaction topics. Statistics are now her favorite new hobby (just kidding).

Links  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  LinkedIn  |
Selected articles and talks  article in Webstandard Mag (PDF)  |  Its all about communication baby: hci made easy (Slideshare)  |  Storytelling as a design tool (Slideshare)

Plan W – Agentur für strategische politische Kommunikation, GbR
Rudolf-Hell-Straße 8
69126 Heidelberg
+49 1590 5239 588

Finding the right words can be hard. We want to ensure that our projects address the target groups in a suitable tone of voice because the written word is also part of the user experience. Need an example? Would you rather click on a button that says “next” or a button that tells you what will happen next before you have even clicked on it?

Our partner Plan W has mastered strategic communication and will not only help enhance your project but can assist you by developing a well-rounded communication strategy and concept and also manage its implementation. Plan W focuses on gender and diversity consciousness, which is important in the diverse and colorful world of digital media.

Plan W offers services in the area of PR and media relations (specializing in online and social media PR) and event operations. They can also train your team by creating and conducting workshops customised to your needs.

The Geekettez and Plan W are currently working on a workshop concept that will help small businesses boost their online performance.

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When we moved the Mannheim studio into the Raben-Engel-Odenwälder co-working space we did not only move shop but also became part of a collective that hosts a wide range of professionals, who collaborate on projects.

We host:
– graphic designers
– CGI, motion design and VFX designers
– photographers
– front end developers
– illustrators
a photography studio you can rent
and even a screen printing studio with talented artists

Check out the collective’s website at

Are you a freelance project manager or frontend developer? You just might be the person we are looking for!

We currently offer UX, IxD, IA, online art direction and UI design. Development is either done by the client’s team or a developing company from our network and it is working well. However, we would like a little bit more. We want to create projects start to finish, which is why we want to expand our team. We are looking for freelancers to join our team.

We work for clients based all around the world, who sell and produce many different things. We are not specialized catering to a certain industrial sector, instead we specialize on creating easy to use websites, apps or digital products. Most of our projects have one thing in common: lots and lots of content and user stories. We also enjoy working on digital art projects and on projects involving cultural sponsorship. Our motto is that a project must satisfy one of THE THREE Ps:

  • Payment: the project pays the requested amount
  • Portfolio: the project might not pay that well or nothing at all, but we are entirely free to create what we think is best because this will be a portfolio piece.
  • Prestige: David Lynch called *heavy breathing* and he wants a responsive website showcasing his complete portfolio in an interactive extravaganza and also a mobile app that lets you create video mashups with his work. And he wants US to do it.

If this sounds like an exciting way to work. We should talk!
Send us a message to

Project Manager

You speak geek as well as client and love whipping projects into shape? We love well organized projects! You have a client base with projects that require more than project management. This means that your team constantly changes and sometimes it rocks, other times it’s kind of “meh”. The reason why you are unsatisfied is because you know the result could have been better if the team had clicked better/faster/…. (whatever the objective). Sentences witch “could” make you scream “Coulda! Shoulda! Woulda!” because all you want to do is create awesome digital products that are a delight to use, look amazing, load at the drop of dime at ANY breakpoint and in ANY jungle.

You are based on earth and can work with a remote team? If this sounds like you, we should meet!

Frontend developer

You are a frontend developer who does not only enjoy beautiful code but also a frontend that actually looks like the grid based responsive visual design and GUI assets we deliver. You like to get involved in a project early on, during interaction design and enjoy participating with ideas during this process. You might even have a posse of developers who offer different services than you, iOS or Android developers for instance and that would love to collaborate in a team.

Your coding language does not really matter to us. We have worked and created designs for many languages and frameworks. You location is also not important if you are able to work with remote teams.

Did we describe you well? Then contact us.