The Geekettez is a design studio &
user experience consultancy

based in Mannheim and Berlin.

Our mission statement

Communication is first and foremost about humans, which is why we focus on your audiences needs, goals, empathy, and on building trust.
Our research and design methods help us identify and comprehend these goals, which enables us to make better products and services.

We help you shape the interactions between you and your customers or target groups by creating user centered and individual experiences, which we think is the best method to engage a human being.

We have successfully completed projects for small businesses but also for global companies such as mozilla and crytec. Let us help you too give your users an experience they will enjoy.

Our team

The Geekettez is a design studio that was founded in 2011 by Jennifer Moss and Stefanie Kegel because we discovered a common believe: digital products can only be made better if the experience for the humans using the product is enhanced. We specialize in UX consulting and design, art direction for digital media and GUI design for web based projects and applications.

We both have worked for a number of clients from various fields and have helped create successful products such as online shops, integrated digital campaigns, localized corporate websites or mobile consumer apps. We help our clients get their message across by understanding their business and making it accessible to their target groups – no matter how complex.

Because we have teamed up with a number of talents, who complement our services we can implement large scale digital projects and host workshops while keeping our boutique studio charm: agile, lean & personal.

Jennifer runs our Mannheim studio

68159 Mannheim, GER

missmoss at thegeekettez
0049 177 7138208

Jennifer Moss is an art director for digital media & a user experience designer, who went from school to freelance within her first year of working. She founded her business Miss Moss Design in 2006 and has since been working with clients from all over the world.

“Growing up my dream jobs were “Simpsons couch gag designer” and later “movie title sequence designer”: creating short, entertaining summaries of a larger story. And even though I studied film I ended up in the digital world. Today I concentrate on user centered design, helping clients get their stories across in digital media while providing a story that is not only comprehensible but also pleasurable for “the user”.”

She has spoken about workflow, the liberal power of the internet and various UX subjects at events such as TED Ignite, World Usability Day and Webmondays and has been featured in Page Magazine and weave (R.I.P).

If she is not reading comics or watching Sci-Fi movies she can be found on the roller derby track with her team the Rhein-Neckar Delta Quads. A league she helped found in 2014.

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Stefanie runs our Berlin studio

Graefestr. 71, HH Aufgang 2
10967 Berlin, GER

guerillagirl at thegeekettez
0049 171 1245073

Stefanie is a senior user experience strategist with over 10 years experience working in the field of human-centered design.

She helps her clients in creating human-centered business strategies and also in creating interfaces for applications and websites that are easy and fun to use, with an eye for both: business – as well as users/customers goals. Stefanie is member of the German usability Professionals Association (GUPA) and has been interviewed by several magazines and spoken on many community events and conferences and also contributed to a case study about intercultural UX design (https:// As she studies psychology on the side she finds herself interested and is currently researching the intersections of social psychology and cognition & experience design.

She is one of the founders of the Berlin chapter of „Ladies that UX” – a global network that focus on empowering and connecting women working in the fields of UX, leading now a community with over 1000 members.


Links  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  LinkedIn  |
Selected articles and talks  article in Webstandard Mag (PDF)  |  Its all about communication baby: hci made easy (Slideshare)  |  Storytelling as a design tool (Slideshare)

Our partners

Plan W is our partner for strategic communications and gender and diversity consciousness, which is important in the diverse and colorful world of digital media.

Plan W – Agentur für strategische politische Kommunikation, GbR
Rudolf-Hell-Straße 8
69126 Heidelberg
+49 1590 5239 588

When we moved the Mannheim studio into the Raben-Engel-Odenwälder co-working space we did not only move shop but also became part of a collective that hosts a wide range of professionals, who collaborate on projects.

Raben-Engel-Odenwälder co-working space
Werftstraße 15-17
68159 Mannheim